STAMS project partners

INERIS logo INERIS - Institut National de l’EnviRonnement Industriel et des RisqueS. INERIS offers expertise, research and services related to geo-hazards and risk assessment studies. Furthermore INERIS runs the 24/7 observational and monitoring centre operating numerous local and sub-regional multi-parametric monitoring systems applied to ground failure geo-hazards and engineered structures rated as risks. INERIS has experience in participating and managing large international projects.
GIG logo

GIG, the Central Mining Institute, is a scientific and development organization, subordinated to the Minister of Economy, GIG works not only for the benefit of the mining industry, but also for companies in other areas including small and medium enterprises, state and local administration institutions and offices, and foreign partners.

DMT logo DMT is one of Germany’s leading test and mining research companies, and has successfully participated in many ECSC and RFCS research projects. DMT has expertise in all aspects of mining instrumentation and sensor system design and particularly high reliability, intrinsically safe certified systems.
grupo hunosa logo  HUNOSA, Hulleras del Norte, S.A., is a mining company operating underground coal mines in the Nalón and Caudal basins in Asturias, northern Spain, and also owns a circulating fluidized bed power station in the area. HUNOSA is actively involved in providing technical and consulting assistance in the areas of coal mining safety, engineering and training.
KWSA logo  KWSA is the largest hard coal producer in European Union. With about 62,000 employees, 15 mines and 5 specialized facilities KWSA produces about 160,000 tonnes of coal per day.
Mines Paris Tech logo  ARMINES is represented by the Geosciences Research Department of Ecole Mines ParisTech which has carried out research, for over 45 years, in the fields of mining, civil engineering, petroleum engineering and underground waste disposal.
SRKSA logo  SRK is a mine restructuring company, engaged in liquidation of underground workings and shafts, preparation of dewatering plans, mine closure plans and post mine closure monitoring and maintenance, with particular regard for any post-closure de-watering requirements.
University Carlos III logo  
UK coal Authority logo  UK Coal Authority is a non-departmental public body of the UK Government. It has responsibility for all historic liability issues related to past coal mining within the UK, including the treatment of subsidence caused by historic coal mining across Britain’s coal fields. It also has responsibility for treating water discharges from abandoned coal mines, the licensing of coal mining operations and providing permits to enter or disturb coal seams or workings.
University of Exeter logo  UNEXE, Camborne School of Mines (CSM), part of the University of Exeter, is a world renowned mining school. Founded in 1888, CSM now has a unique combination of scientific and engineering expertise in geology, mining and minerals processing and applies this to world-leading research and teaching. Specific to this project it has particular expertise in underground instrumentation and communication.